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For the surveying professional - Secure Geo-Van® offer now!

The surveying equipment from Plastipol-Scheu for all commercial vehicles Secure your promotional discount today and quote your promotional code: "Geo-Van-1105" and you will receive an additional 5% discount, on your newly planned surveying equipment from 04.08.2022, for orders placed by 15.11.2022.


New website

Design, functionality and content perfectly coordinated - the new corporate design is also reflected online. The new website has been available since 01 July 2021 and presents itself very clearly, with a high level of user and user-friendliness. "Both in terms of content and design, we wanted to create a new beginning for our online presence",


New certification

Plastipol-Scheu has its certification on the ISO-Certification 9001.2015 in the following areas: development, manufacturing, and the selling of interior vehicle-, warehouse- and workplace design. The Certificate is valid until the 8th of May, 2023.