Cleverly stowed in storage and on the road.

Cleverly stowed away in the warehouse and on the road. #sogehtordnung In the current issue of the Wirtschaftsforum you will find an interesting interview with Managing Director Matthias Wentzek. Enjoy reading it! As an e-paper or online article on the Wirtschaftsforum homepage.

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Quality is measurable - so is our Profi-Line series!

Profi-Line in-vehicle equipment from Plastipol-Scheu - crash tested according to ECE R17 by MAGNA ACTS GmbH & Co. KG (Sailauf, Germany) Meeting the highest demands is our philosophy. This is about safety in road traffic, the protection of driver and passengers. In the event of a crash, it must be ensured that flying material, tools and machines are secured in such a way that injuries are avoided.

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New certification

Plastipol-Scheu has its certification on the ISO-Certification 9001.2015 in the following areas: development, manufacturing, and the selling of interior vehicle-, warehouse- and workplace design. The Certificate is valid until the 8th of May, 2023.

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